Liquid Rubber Roof Seal


How does Sealroof A-205 work?

Sealroof A-205 is a water based, solvent-free and VOC-free coding that is comprised of a series high performance polymer emulsions. Applied as a liquid, the product will confirm to flat, sloped and complex roof designs and cure into a watertight, adhered, flexible membrane.

How is it applied?

By airless, brush or roller and has a recommended coverage rate of at least 25 ft2 / gallon. This will build a 30-mil (.75mm) dry film thickness.

Most surfaces include:

- Metal (including galvanized and aluminum)
- Concrete
- Single ply membranes EPDFM / TPO (primer required)
- Wood
- Asbestos panels

Sealroof A-205 can be applied directly over polyurethane, and other rood insulating materials. Also, it provides long-term waterproofing where surface temperatures vary from -40 C to 80 C

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